• Vicki Turton

    Please help these children. Adults are the ones with the power. Listen.

  • Pauline Bradley

    There needs to be more scrutiny of people applying for jobs in child care. I thought you had to have a working with children certificate which should include a police check. I am sick of people not doing their jobs and passing the buck.

  • Sue James

    This is dreadful and needs to be stopped and investigated .
    You never know who your children are with and they need protecting .

  • Project Rescue Children

    Regrettably we see the worst of the worst predators who always target employment opportunities that allow easy access to children. When we entrust our most vulnerable individuals to the care of daycare workers, we naturally expect them to be kept safe. Unfortunately, comprehensive case studies have unequivocally demonstrated a concerning rise in incidents of child sexual abuse and rape within daycare centers, with many such cases either going uninvestigated or being concealed. It is imperative for both authorities and daycare center owners to take proactive steps to prevent such abuse, including conducting educational workshops for staff, implementing stricter employee screening processes, enforcing a two-person rule, prohibiting staff from using personal phones, and employing preventive measures such as security cameras and open layouts. Every allegation of abuse must be thoroughly investigated without delay. As the incidence of these cases continues to increase, it is essential that collective action be taken now not in the future, to ensure the safety of children within daycare facilities.

  • Jane Jackson

    Had I known the reality of the risks, I would have chosen facilities with surveillance cameras, training for parents carers and children and immediately presented to the hospitals specialist child sexual abuse services and/or sought support from organisations like 1800 RESPECT or 1800 BRAVEHEARTS.

    We all share the same desire: to shield our children from harm. Yet, the statistics are sobering. Reports reveal that a staggering 1 in 10 men self-report committing sexual offences against children. Shockingly, a significant percentage of female-perpetrated child sexual abuse occurs within organisational settings, such as daycare centres.

    We cannot be idle, we must act now.


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