Minister of Police (WA) Questioned About Day Care Investigation

Jessica Page from Channel 7 questions Hon. Paul Papalia CSC, MLA, Minister for Police; Corrective Services; Defence Industry; Veterans Issues. Jessica asks why he has not replied to letter sent to them a week prior and what they are doing to ensure that children at the centre are safe in the mean time. The Minister for Police advised that they are conducting an investigation.

EXCLUSIVE: shocking allegations against a Perth daycare. Four families have complained to police about suspected abuse. #7NEWS

On the 7th November 2023, an exclusive story by Jessica Page was released to warn parents at the daycare centre of the severity of the allegations that were being made. Four families complained to police and parents pulled children out of the centre. Full Story at Channel 7



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WA daycare at centre of shock child abuse investigation after four families come forward with vile claims

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Facebook Community Post Finds Crucial Potential Victim

After communication amongst 3 other connected parents at the daycare centre about concerning abuse signs in their children there was a Facebook post reaching out to parents in the local community, urging them to be vigilant for signs of sexual abuse in their children (without naming the daycare centre). Through this post, a family at the daycare centre whose child exhibited significant bleeding after attending the centre, the hospital said the bleeding was unexplained and that the mark on the genitalia were suggestive of internal injury, this was done within 2 weeks of injury but was also rather late for the collection of critical evidence.

Every child deserves to be safe from sexual abuse at daycare. Since they can't speak up, they need your voice. Political change through petitions is slow. Create fast change with Google reviews. Join the daycare sexual abuse prevention parent Google review movement to reduce the risk of abuse at daycare.

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